piRNABank is a web analysis system and resource, which provides comprehensive information on piRNAs in the widely studied mammals namely Human, Mouse, Rat, Zebrafish, Platypus and a fruit fly, Drosophila. It compiles all the possible clusters of piRNAs and also depicts piRNAs along with the associated genomic elements like genes and repeats on a genome wide map. Search options have been designed to query and obtain useful data from this online resource. It also facilitates abstraction of sequences and structural features from piRNA data.
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Please cite the following article if you utilise any data from this web resource:
"piRNABank: a web resource on classified and clustered Piwi-interacting RNAs"
Sai Lakshmi S, Shipra Agrawal
Nucleic Acids Research 2008 January; 36 (Database issue): D173–D177.  [PMCID: PMC2238943]   (Citations)

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